Donald S. 
(Patient since 2012)
Dec 10, 2015
Everyone in the
office s so friendly, personable, caring and very gentle. The same goes for Dr. Presley. The office is very nicely appointed as well.
Nanci D.  
(Patient since 2002)
Dec 16, 2015
i had a cleaning appointment, i appreciated being fit in when a problem came into play with a tooth. though not fun to sit in the chair for the better part of two hours, the staff made me comfortable and at ease by explaining all as they went along. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME....it is a pleasure to sit in your chair! x0x0
W. Mark D.  
(Patient since 2010)
Jan 31, 2016
I have always received excellent care at
Kimche & Presley Cosmetic & Sports Dentistry. I highly recommend them. It's a professional & friendly environment and their entire staff is highly focused on providing the best patient care.
James B.  
(Patient since 2016)
Feb 5, 2016
The practice of Dr. Daryl Kimche & Dr. Luke Presley is amazing. I truly have not seen more caring and professional people like this is a very long time, if ever. I am more than satisfied with my visit. I work in Quality, and the quality here was simply OUTSTANDING! Thank you.
Deryl C. 
 (Patient since 1996)
Feb 24, 2016
The staff and dentist are beyond exceptional. It is a joy to visit this office.
 Amber A.  
(Patient since 2014)
Feb 25, 2016
I love this office, best experience I've ever had with a dental practice. I have never had a bad experience. Every person I have come into contact with there, whether it is at the front desk or while in the chair, has been so nice and professional. I always feel very comfortable and informed. My sister and one brother just started coming as well.
Eventually I'll get the rest to switch over too :)
Zina S.  
(Patient since 2009)
Mar 9, 2016
Out of all my medical visits annually (medical doctor, optometry, dermatologist..), this office provides the absolute best care and treatment. Simply outstanding!
Karen M. 
(Patient since 2012)
Mar 10, 2016
As someone who has always hated going to the dentist, I can honestly say that this practice has changed my views on all of that. They are professional, caring and friendly. I don't dread going
any more and that is the greatest compliment I can pay a dentist. They are conservative in their treatment plan and are committed to making sure that you are healthy in all ways when it comes to your teeth.
Ebony M. 
(Patient since 1997)
Apr 9, 2016
This team is wonderful. From the moment you make your appointment with the friendly and efficient
assistants, to getting your teeth cleaned with the friendly and detailed technicians, to speaking with the dentist who tells you everything is okay (I never have cavities), you will have a pleasurable experience. This team does what is best for your teeth!
Lincoln J. 
(Patient since 2007)
Apr 22, 2016
I've been a patient of
dr kimchi a few years now and can't imagine going any where else. Dr kimchi and her staff are truly dedicated to their craft and customers.
Walter B.  
(Patient since 1997)
May 6, 2016
Great people, great facility. Very friendly and professional.
Dan L. 
(Patient since 2004)
Jun 16, 2016
Everyone in the practice
are as nice as they could be. Let's face it, we don't come in because we enjoy being scraped, stabbed, jabbed, drilled etc. Therefore, it's the rest of the visit where you get to make up for it by being empathetic, affable and talkative. I always walk out of there with a smile on my face, even when I'm so numbed that it's a droopy smile.
Marvin S.  
(Patient since 2015)
Jun 19, 2016
Minor emergency - Crown popped off while
flossing.. Dr. Presley saw me during their lunch hour and the problem was solved to everyone satisfaction. Thanks for your concern and seeing me so promptly.
Elizabeth M.  
(Patient since 2004)
Have been seeing Dr. Kimche for many years. Great dentist and wonderful practice. Clean office and very skilled staff.
David D.  
(Patient since 2016)
Jul 6, 2016
One of the best dentist office visits I've had. The staff was friendly, on top of things and
Dr Presley was great. Also they office had all state of the art technology. I couldn't have been happier.
Heyward Y.
Love you guys. I came with a ton of challenges and I appreciate your help
Great team!
Nas R.
a year ago-
Everyone here excels in customer service.  Dr. Kimche has been my dentist for some years now and I can't see myself being in any other dentist's chair.
Dont worry she's going to tell you to floss.  How many other dentist offices do you have your personal television with remote control access?  It's very modern - Handheld x-ray devices and mini videos of your procedure. 
Anthony R.
The staff was incredible. From my first phone
call, to checking my benefits, to helping me with my insurance!  As it gets increasingly difficult with insurance companies this office truly made it a breeze!   It was a pleasure to let Dr. Presley work on my teeth, I was pain free the entire time.
Gregory H.
The Doctors (Dr. Kimche & Dr. Presley) were amazing!  They assisted me in helping me coordinate appointments, educated me about my upcoming care with them, and truly made my dental experience with them Amazing!  Atlanta doesn’t have better Doctors or staff than this one! 
Carol M.
a year ago-
The staff and doctors at Kimche Cosmetic & Sports Dentistry are real professionals. From the moment of appointment, throughout the procedures and onto check out I was treated with respect. This office is known for its warm and compassionate approach to patient care. I recommend Dr. Daryl Kimche and Dr. Luke Presley to everyone I know!
Dell P.
3 years ago-
Best Dentistry practice in Atlanta - in my opinion.  I love Dr. Kimche and the entire staff.  Danielle is an AWESOME hygienist!  I wouldn't go to any other practice!
Hayley G.
3 years ago-
Dr. Kimche and her staff are very professional and friendly.  I have been a patient here for many years, and I keep coming back because the dental care is excellent and the customer service is fantastic!  Keep up the good work :)
I've never been so comfortable with a dentist until I met Dr. Luke and Staff. Keep up the good work!
Mary B.
My honey had to get two teeth pulled last minute and we were referred to Dr. Kimche.
He was extremely nervous but the entire staff was lovely. They all were caring, gentle and understanding that he was so
ansy about the surgery.
From start to finish they made his entire experience so easy and painless. The laughing gas and numbing shots definitely helped.
The last two times he had teeth pulled the dentist cracked or damaged a tooth that wasn't previously damaged.
Dr. Kimche was flawless in execution and boyfriend said he couldn't feel anything but slight pressure. Turns out he had nothing to fret over.
We will continue to see Dr. Kimche and her staff for anything and everything business related.
Recommended to all!
David L.
I found Dr. Kimche by having to blindly select a Dentist for my insurance over 18 years ago - needless to
say I made the Best Choice.  I find her entire staff welcoming and genuinely  interested in my family's well being.    She has recently brought on Dr. Presley and he has HUGE shoes to fill - and I think he is doing a great job in doing so. 
Thank you for all the years of great service and work!  My family always looks forward to our visits with your entire office!
Nanci D. 
(Patient since 2002)
Jul 13, 2016
it is a wonderful feeling to be welcomed so beautifully when one is just having one's teeth cleaned! thank you to all staff for always being so nice! work done here is always great;
kudos !

Carolyn W.  
(Patient since 2012)
Nov 20, 2014
Since visits to the dentist are traditionally considered painful, it is quite the opposite at the Kimche office. Staff
strive and the overall environment ensures that clients have a pain-free and pleasant experience, as much as possible, on each visit.
Alisa R.  
(Patient since 2004)
Dec 12, 2014
I gave been going to this dentist office since I was a young child and now that in 25 I understand that it is a great place to go. I have no cavities, no gum disease and no mouth problems whatsoever. I have been consistent going twice a year - except for a short period during college Although I rarely see Dr. Kimche anymore I really like Dr. Presley. Hr is a great addition to the office.
Chris C. 
(Patient since 2013)
Mar 21, 2015
Dentists are very very informative and give a personal touch. The ladies at the front desk are always very helpful, friendly and they actually remember who you are every time. Highly recommended.
Dan S.  
(Patient since 2004)
Apr 6, 2015
I have been a client of the office for many years and the reason is because everyone from the desk to Danielle, and to Daryle are a great team of professionals that make my dental visits a pleasant experience.
Michael B. 
 (Patient since 2001)
May 18, 2015
You guys are great. Couldn't ask for anything better.
David Bruce E.  
(Patient since 2015)
May 29, 2015
June is awesome. I took her advice from my previous visit and I believe my periodontal situation has improved significantly. She was thorough but gentle as possible with the deep cleaning and for that I am grateful.
Carina A.  
(Patient since 2010)
May 31, 2015

Dr Presley is the best! Very professional, honest and concerned. I have always been very stressed at my previous dentists offices, but Dr Presley has made all the treatments so easy for me. He is very patient, clear and very concerned about your understanding of the process and the outcome. He has done a great job so far and has given me a great peace of mind. I highly recommend him.
Rae Dawn T.  
(Patient since 2012)
Jun 29, 2015
I've moved to North Carolina for work, but I won't be changing my dentist office! I'll make the 3.5 hr drive for the awesome team, friendly service and great work that's provided by you and your office. Thank you!!!
Brittany L.  
(Patient since 2013)
Jul 9, 2015
This was my first time getting a crown on any tooth so I was very nervous! Kimche's assistant was very helpful in making me feel comfortable and explaining the procedure. I was excited to see that they provided mega
ear-phones to drown out the drilling noise as well as a stress ball! This was a pleasant surprise as I had thought about bringing these items with me that morning so I had an outlet for nervous energy. Of course, the process was unpleasant but both Kimche and her assistant were very attentive, patient, calm and caring.
Michael B.  
(Patient since 2015)
Aug 15, 2015
Absolutely the best consistent service I've received in a healthcare facility of any kind. Love these team for my dental needs. They are always friendly, courteous, and professional every single time. I recommend the
Kimche team to everyone!
Alicia L.  
(Patient since 2015)
Aug 19, 2015
I have never had a better dental experience. I called at 12:30 and they fit me in at 1:30. The receptionist helped me when I had a few questions with the paperwork. The young lady who is a dental
tec or nurse was terribly kind and reassuring. The Dr was also kind and helpful. They both made me feel like it was ok that I hadn't had the best track record with my teeth but they'd be with me every step of the way to having my best smile. I left feeling like they really care about my health and don't just see dollar signs when I walk in. This is the first time ever I don't mind having a dental appointment I. A few weeks. I'm actually looking forward to it.
LINDA Sue B.  
(Patient since 1996)
Aug 26, 2015
I have been happy for about 20 years now!! Is there a prize for the oldest or "longest" patient!!!!?? HA!!
Arton B. 
(Patient since 1997)
Oct 2, 2015
For some
reason I always have dentist office anxieties - but Dr. Daryl and her outstanding team always make it a calm and supportive experience and do an excellent job. Thank you!!!
John G.  
(Patient since 2014)
Oct 4, 2015
This is truly the best dental practice that I have ever been to. Every member of the team is both courteous and professional from the front office to both dentists. They are accommodating and very caring about their patients. I would highly recommend this practice to others.
Calvin M.  
(Patient since 2015)
Dec 6, 2015
Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable even though I have a bit of dental chair anxiety. Thanks to their advice and care, I'm cavity free and happy as can be.
Nastassia G.  
(Patient since 2009)
Nov 19, 2015
I LOVE DR. KIMCHE. Oh, yeah, Pattie is a Doll. Love her too. Welllllllll.... EVERYONE during my visit was AMAZING. Even my hygienist, I think Ellie. She's pretty too! I have no idea why anyone would visit another dentist office. It's chic and clean. I referred my boyfriend and he acts like the
Kimche staff is his! I have not met Dr. Preset yet, but he has to amazing to work with this staff.
Andrea D.  
(Patient since 2004)
Nov 6, 2015
Fantastic staff & beautiful practice! Always a pleasure!
Dawn G.  
(Patient since 2001)
Nov 4, 2015
My husband has been her patient since 1990. I have 20+ years as a patient.Just can't say enough about my dental care that
Dr Kimche and her staff have given and always been thorough and comforting.Complete confidence!